Goyal Consulting Group is not a big shop managing hundreds of clients.  We are truly inspired by the IT challenges you face, enabling you to focus on the core of your business.  As dedicated partners in your global expansion, GCG, might literally, find a way to go to the moon and back to find solutions that work through your company's challenges. 

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Inspired by solving global challenges? 

GCG is the right place for consultants with an entrepreneurial spirit who are motivated by finding innovative solutions.  With a startup environment that emphasizes autonomy, we believe in empowering consultants to go beyond solving IT problems by finding purpose in each and every consulting project.   

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As per mythological tales, once Lakshman, the younger brother of Lord Rama, crossed river Ganga at the same site where the bridge now stands.

Lakshana Jhula, Rishikesh, India