In A Nut Shell

As a global expansion strategizing firm that specializes in IT, Goyal Consulting Group ensures that once you have determined the countries you plan to expand to, the IT segments of your business strategy fit in with the rest of your organization’s existing and new IT footprints.  We ensure that scalable and repeatable processes are developed and implemented, in-house or using our knowledgeable team of IT consultants.

How We Do It


Strategic understanding of information technology including key/emerging global trends and risks.


Based on our extensive global experiences and prior models, we’ll set forth personalized technologies, budget planning, physical infrastructure models, business continuity/disaster recovery processes, transition plans, frameworks, gap analysis and standards for the technical operations stack to make sure the launch meets the technical needs your company’s infrastructure, systems and strategies.


Build a cohesive technology footprint and support model for new and existing global offices. 


Ensure successful implementation as well as reliable operations of company’s growth plan in the new country. These include:

  • Implement: Implementation of your company’s strategic growth plans
  • Relationship Management: Develop and manage third party relationships as an extension of the IT organization.
  • Staffing: Plan and implement technical, procedural, and staffing strategies that meet objectives, organizational performance plans, agreed budgets and timescales.
  • Culture: Foster a culture of customer service, quality and continuous improvement.

Hire Additional Consultants

In addition to partnering with internal stakeholders, engage external partners to identify gaps or deficiencies, and then recommend solutions to solve these business problems while mitigating security risks.

Trust & Security

Leave the heavy lifting to us.  We enable our clients to spend their time where they want to, on the golf course, with their families or simply focusing on other important tasks without having to worry about their projects.         


We escalate and believe in complete transparency.  If something seems to be going off track, we’ll tell you what’s happening and how we will solve it. 

No surprises, just the truth.



"The Golden Gate Bridge ... offers enduring proof that human beings can alter the planet with reverence."

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